December is the Indian wedding season. Actually December is just full of festivities and weddings are just the highlight of it. If it’s your cousin or best friend’s wedding we are sure you are decked up from top to toe but the confusion arises when it’s a far off relative’s wedding whom you don’t even know or just a random friend’s wedding. Most of us can relate to this situation and it’s just soo difficult to choose the right makeup for such an occasion. We are sure you must be putting on a simple Indian dress but the makeup is what gives the glamorous get up. Hence, in this article we guide you upon what kind of makeup you should wear when you land up in such a situation and whats the right wedding makeup for you.

1. Glitter Eyes

Wedding is a happy occasion, hence, add some glitter and the best way to do this is glitter eye shadow. Glitter eye shadow is something that looks pretty on all women. Although be very meticulous while applying it…. it shouldn’t be too much to make it look loud or too less to make it appear invisible.

2. Glow Cream

Give your face a base by applying a glow cream. Since December is the season of winters a glow cream won’t only moisturize your face but also add some shine to it. After applying the glow cream a little bit of compact would help in completing your look.

3. Light Lipstick Shades For Wedding Makeup

A very bright or vibrant lipstick shade gives you a loud makeup get up and since it’s just a casual wedding party for you, try to keep it simple. Even if you are planning to apply a bright shade like orange try using a lighter version of it which would also blend with your dress. A glossy lipstick would look better than a matt one as it would add some shine and moisture to your lips.

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