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  • The masculine and rich fragrance of this perfume comes from the top notes of coffee, mandarin orange and lavender whereas the middle notes are sage, mint and ginger. The base notes incorporate musk, patchouli and amber. The refreshing fragrance of this perfume is sure to be loved by all. Homme Exceptionnel is perfect to be worn in all seasons. The brilliant fragrance can be used for days as well as nights. Make your start of the day blissful and end your day with the scintillating fragrance of this perfume. The fresh spicy, citrus and coffee main accords of this perfume is a wonderful composition and will surely become your favorite. The flacon is an attractive glass bottle with an orangish brown fluid.

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  • Elizabeth Arden Mediterean EDP is sophisticated and enticing, this luxury scent is a tribute to the generous and encompassing beauty of the ocean. Channeling the spirit of the perfect woman who is graceful, alluring and carefree, Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean uplifts her into a realm of liberating calm. Created by Claude Dir, this captivating Eau de Parfum is crafted for the elegant house of Elizabeth Arden. An alluring combination of fresh notes of mandarin with fruity peach and luscious extracts of plum make up the top note. Moving into the heart of the fragrance, experience the spicy floral hints of wisteria with clean and sweet orchid and lemony tint of magnolia.

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  • Gucci Rush 2 by Gucci is the ideal blend of palm wood, gardenia and musk scents. This gentle fragrance for women adds a touch of warmth with just a hint of exotic places. Introduced in 2001, Gucci Rush 2 is perfect for casual wear, whether you are spending time with family or hitting the shops with friends. Spritz it onto your skin before you leave the house and enjoy the hint of playfulness it brings to your day.

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  • The soothing, saltiness of the ocean breeze stings her cheek as she stands on the very edge of the cliff. The power she has over her own life amazes her as she has an epiphany. Nike captures that special moment in an Eau de Toilette that exemplifies the cool depths of the vast ocean. Nike N150 Blue Fantasy envelopes her in a blanket of a fragrance that complements her contemplative mood and the tepid fantasies that color it. The mass premium pushes your senses into a mood of lethargic succulence as it washes over you in consecutive waves throughout the day. For the woman who cossets her feelings into a bottle of fantasia, Nike N150 Blue Fantasy becomes a signature fragrance.

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  • Marc Jacobs Lola is a warm floral bouquet – playfully alluring and irresistibly tempting. Created for a modern free spirit with an irresistible attitude, Lola is a boldly creative triumph of ingenuity that could only come from Marc Jacobs.

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  • Burberry Body Intense is a sensually feminine and elegant fragrance for women that is both timeless and memorable. Seductive and iconic, Burberry Body captures all the modernity and heritage of the refined house of Burberry. This multifaceted fragrance draws its inspiration from the stalwart style staple of the British brand: its timeless trench coat. Feminine, classic and effortlessly sensual, Buberry Body wraps around the female form with an eclectic combination of chic notes that appeals to all women, regardless of their age.

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