We are at the seat of the first half of July and there is still the entire rainy season to pass by. In our previous article, we spoke about waterproof eye makeup choices and this one also rotates around a similar corner. Every season affects the light of the environment which also affects the look makeup shades have on us. Just like summers are bright and winters are dull the rainy season is a mixture of both. One negative aspect about rainy season is that it blocks clarity but at the same time reflects a dull light on one’s face. Hence, here’s our rainy season makeup tips to look your best!

1.Peach Lipstick For Rainy Season Makeup

Since the lighting during rainy season is a bit depressing and one can easily get baffled with the fact of applying a nude color lipstick like baby pink or wearing dark lipstick. What would blend in better with the season’s light? While the season is not prioritizing on being totally bright or dull its best to choose a lip shade that would complement this gloomy weather. A matte peach shade lipstick is the best option for such an unbiased lighting as a peach shade is suitable for a bright day as well as a starry night and hence is perfect for this season. We suggest the Colorbar Crème Touch Lipstick Peach Glow shade as the perfect lipstick for the season.

2.Dark Eye Makeup For Rainy Season Makeup

Outline your eyes with dark black colored eyeliner and kajal to make your eyes stand out even when clarity is blocked due to heavy rainfall. Eyes define the face in the most beautiful way and we believe everyone has iconic and pretty eyes. Hence never go light on your eye makeup. You can refer to our previous post on waterproof eye makeup for the best product choices for carefree eye makeup during this season.

3.Loose Powder Instead Of Foundation

A foundation or a BB cream adds to the oiliness of the face which would end up looking cakey in this gloomy weather and would have more chances of getting messed up if you end up getting drenched. A loose powder would give a satisfying and even finish to the face and at the same time reduce oiliness.

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