The most playful and frolic Navratri festival is coming to an end but its excitement is still taking time to die out of our mind.The garba/dandiya nights were all about food, dance and not to forget dressing up.Your hairstyle plays an important part in your overall look.Just like neverdying navratri make-up trends we also observed a few neverdying hairstyles.
1)Bun-Often people refer to this hairstyle as “aunty type” or “old-fashioned” but we think it looks absolutely stunning on any indian outfit.It not only gives you comfort while dancing to the navratri tunes but is also the best way of showing off your pretty face.Although we’ve noticed a lot of women over accessorize it which makes it look funny.We suggest u use minimum accessories(a matching hair accesory at the top of the bun and an invisible maang tikka would go best) and a hair spray to prevent your hair from falling out of the bun.Try the Taft Power Hair Lacquer Power Hold Spray No5 avaiable at a discounted rate of Rs574 on our website.

2)Back-combed bouffant-The back-combed bouffant is one of the most elegant hairstyles observed during the garba nights. So all of you who fall under the “cool classic style” can imitate this hairstyle.Again don’t accessorize it a lot, just a fancy clip to hold the bouffant in place would do.A light coloured (minly silver) invisible maang tikka would also look great.For this hairstyle blow drying your hair is a must to make the fall of your hair look smooth and straight.We suggest the L’oreal Elnett Heat Protection Styling Smooth Blow Dry Spray avaiable at a discounted rate of Rs895 on our website.

3)High Pony Braid-Getting back to school days with an urban chic style.This hairstyle can be considered as the signature navratri hairstyle.Comforting and stylish this one can be marked of as an indo-western hairstyle and can be accessorized in umpteen ways .Women with long hair upto their waist can carry it off amazing well and women could also use artificial hair if they want to wear a long braid.We suggest u dab some hair oil for a firm braid look and some shine.Try Framesi Morphosis Sublimis Shine Light Oil avaiable at a discounted rate of Rs950 on our website.



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