Every girl craves for long straight hair using an iron straightner ,blow dryer or some are the lucky ones to have it naturally. But most of them get confused with hairstyling it. They end up leaving their hair open which we believe spoils the whole look of it. It covers more than half of your face and the major essence of it which is elegance is lost taking the face of a messy or a cool look. Here we’ve listed down the top 3 hairstyles you can try on long straight hair.

1. Backcombed Braid

A backcombed braid will pull back the hair from the forehead portion enabling your pretty face to be visible and the rest of the hair can fall straight giving a natural fall. This is a very elegant and dressy hairstyle which can be executed during both the day and night look. It looks lovely paired with a flowing dress and requires no hair accessories to decorate it (just a lot of tic-tac to hold the braid). Although it is difficult to get a precise braid, practice will make you perfect at it. We suggest you use a hair spray to make the braid stay in place. Try the Wella Proffesionals Shimmer Delight Shine Spray at a discounted rate of Rs 979 on our website.

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2. Front Puff

This hairstyle is classy and easy to do. It can go best when paired with a jeans, t-shirt and high heels. It can also be one of your daily hairstyles because it is quick and requires just a few tic- tac or just a clip. A little fancy clip would add to your look. For a professional puff you will have to use a hair spray. We suggest the Tigi Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray available at a discounted rate of Rs 798 on our website.

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3. High Pony Tail

If you are one of those who gets irritated with your long hair or if you just want to manage your hair in a classy way, tie your hair into a tight high pony and let your beautiful straight hair proudly fall from the pony for the world to see. It is very important to blow dry your hair to give it softness and shine before you execute this hairstyle. You can also style your ponytail by braiding it or adding some hair glitter. We suggest the Loreal Professional Hair Spray Hot & Smooth for a good finish for this hairstyle available at a discounted rate of Rs 1050 on our website. This is again a hairstyle suitable for both a day and night look.

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