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Refer a friend to win


FAQ's On Refer-A-Friend

How does Refer-A-Friend Work

Refer-A-Friend is an easy way to earn store-credit for your purchases on Habbana.

Once you share your friends Email Id or share it via Facebook & Twitter, A Unique Coupon code is generated and shared with your friends.

You will receive store credit worth Rs 100 on every successful order placed by your friends using the coupon code.

Is there a minimum order value a friend needs to spend for me to earn?

Yes, Your friend will receive Rs 50 off on their first order above Rs 1000.

How long is the coupon code valid till.

The Coupon Code is valid for 28 days from the minute you refer a friend. You can always refer again to get more store-credit.

Is there a limit to how many people I can share it with?

No, We don’t have any limit to your rewards. For every referral you earn Rs 100 and you can earn as much as you want.

It says my friend is already a customer?

Refer-A-Friend works only for new customers. If your friend is already our customer, you will not be able to share your coupon with him/her. It works only for new customers.

Share it on Facebook & Twitter anyways. Surely you will start earning store-credit in no time.

How will I know if my friend purchased from Habbana?

Once your friend purchases from Habbana, The referral starts to show in your ‘My Accounts’ Page, under the referral tab.

Also an Email is sent to you with your Rs 100 store credit mentioning about the purchase of your friend.

*Habbana reserves the right to cancel any referrals if found fraud or for any other reason*