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Street Wear Color Rich Perfection Compact (2 Shades)


Street wear Color Rich Compact is Light to wear, it quickly blends with your foundation or sunscreen and promises to stay the entire day.
Encased in smart classic black case, this compact brings a wonderful matte look over your make-up.
Just dab a little before going out and be classy chic all day long.

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Apply after the use of foundation and concealer.
You also need to remember that compact is applied before the use of blush-on, lip makeup and eye makeup.
Before using compact, release the powder into the top section of the container by tipping the container and gently tapping the bottom.
For application, take a large fluffy brush or a powder puff and wipe it over the compact powder.
Shake the puff to remove any excess powder.
Now, wipe your face with the compact puff in long, even strokes.
The strokes should be moved from the inside, to the outside.
Make sure to apply compact evenly over your neck as well as the entire area beneath the neck that is visible.
Otherwise, your face will end up looking distinct from the rest of the body.


It is very important to match the color of the compact to your skin color.
In case you get one that is darker or lighter than your skin tone, your face and neck would look like distant cousins of your body.

Apart from the natural tone, you can also go for the bold green or shy violet color compact.
However, at the time of purchasing, check with your beautician to know the validity and quality of color compacts.
At the time of applying the compact, make sure you apply it all over your face and neck region.

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