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Grace Cole Black Pepper Ultimate Mens Bath Combo (100ml Each)


Additional Information: Grace Cole takes pride in their luxury formulations, inspiring fragrances and the ability to make everyone feel special when using the products. The gorgeous bath and body gifts are the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. Whether it’s goodies for young teens, treats for mum, or an indulgent luxury for you, Grace Cole got it covered. Masculine and stylish GC Homme Black Pepper Ultimate Men’s Bath Combo leaves your skin energized and fragrant. It leaves you refreshed and revived.

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Grace Cole Homme Black Pepper collection is crafted to give you a luxurious bathing experience. Emerge out of shower calm and renewed with GC Homme Black Pepper Ultimate Men’s Bath Combo, which includes some exquisite bathing products.
This combo kit contains a shower gel, facial wash, shampoo, luxury flannel and luxury large toiletry bag.

Shower Gel: The refreshing and revitalizing shower gel cleanses the skin fresh and smooth. Awaken your senses and be ready to start the day.

Facial Wash: A reviving face wash cleanses your facial skin thoroughly, removing dirt, excess oil from the skin.

Shampoo: The revitalizing shampoo cleanses and removes product build up leaving hair feeling clean, refreshed and smelling irresistible.

Luxury Flannel: A luxury super soft flannel is designed to enhance facial cleansing. This is the perfect partner for your facial washes which is gentle on your skin.

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