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Glam Nail Lacquers (43 Shades)

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Beautify your nails with the vibrant and luscious range of Glam Nail Lacquers. We offer 43 marvelous nail lacquers, each in 13 ML quantity spanning the entire spectrum of colors. In addition to the mirror shine and unmatchable gloss. These lacquers have been formulated in a manner which makes them long lasting and resistant to chip offs.

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Base Coat, G-01 White, G-02 Pearl White, G-03 Black, G-04 Dark Blue, G-05 Sky Blue, G-06 Silver, G-07 Golden, G-08 Torquise, G-09 Dark Green, G-10 Teal, G-11 Tan, G-12 Salmon, G-13 Shimmer Peach, G-14 Copper Rose, G-15 Pale Gold, G-16 Mauve, G-17 Violet, G-18 Purple, G-19 Magenta, G-20 Bright Pink, G-21 Maroon, G-22 Neon Orange, G-23 Glitter Silver, G-24 Glitter Gold, G-25 Orange, G-26 Walnut, G-27 Dark Brown, G-28 Yellow, G-29 Neon Pink, G-30 Hot Pink, G-31 Pearl Pink, G-32 Fire Pink, G-33 Pink Bridal, G-34 Tamoato Red, G-35 Classic Red, G-36 Blood Red, G-37 Nude, G-38 Fawn, G-39 Nude Brown, G-40 Baby Pink, Matte Top Coat, Top Coat


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