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Fogg Radiate Deo Spray (For Women) 120ml


Sweat odour can make you uncomfortable at a time, so in order to avoid it a good deodorant is a must have.Fogg Radiate Deodorant is formulated to provide complete protection from body odour.
-Infused with sweat prevention properties which helps to control sweat.
-Invigorating fragrance stays on your skin for long hours and keeps you smelling good till the end of the day.
-Doesn’t cause any irritation to the skin and leaves no stain on clothes.
Additional Information: Fogg is perfume line from Vini group of companies.They create deodorants targeted for young urbans,which gives body spray that lasts longer. Fogg Radiate Deodorant makes you energetic, confident with its strong scent.

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