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Fogg Essence Deo Spray (For Women)120ml


Fogg Essence Deodorant is a vibrant fragrance that lingers for hours.
-Enriched with anti-perspirant properties it keeps stinking sweat at bay.
-A refreshing fragrance keeps you in a good mood for your daily activities.
-Filled in a candy pink bottle this deo is travel friendly, so you can add a whiff of this pleasant fragrance as and when required.
-The scent has the ability to elevate your mood and keep you happy, energetic for rest of the day.
Additional Information: Fogg is perfume line from Vini group of companies. They create deodorants targeted for young urbans, which gives body spray that lasts longer. Fogg Essence Deodorant is loaded with all necessary ingredients that keeps you away from embarrassing odour and keeps you fragrant for long hours.

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