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Bioderma Photoderm LASER SPF 50+ Cream Very High Protection (30ml)


The maximum anti-UVB efficacy and unmatched “extreme anti-UVA” performance of Photoderm SPOT safely protect against sunburn,prevent sun intolerance reactions and combat premature cutaneous ageing.A major advance against risks of cell damage,its exclusive patented Cellular BIOprotection complex provides optimum protection for the skin cells.Photoderm SPOT contains specific active ingredients that minimise the risk of pigmentation and soothe weakened skin.The melting texture of Photoderm SPOT leaves the skin feeling comfortable and extremely soft.Perfectly colourless when applied, Photoderm SPOT spreads very easily,leaving no oily film or white marks. Non-comedogenic, Photoderm SPOT is water-resistant and photostable. Photoderm SPOT is fragrance-free and ensures excellent tolerance.

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