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 Revlon Makeup Kit

The Revlon makeup collection began with nail enamel products and now covers all that you need for your beauty needs. Revlon makeup range includes mascara and colorstay eyemakeup, face makeup, lip wear, nail beautification products, fragrances, beauty tools, hair tools etc. All Revlon products have an ancient touch to it of the war time. You can buy the Revlon makeup kit online at Habbana.

Shop Revlon Foundation

Your makeup regime starts by giving your face a makeup ready base. Foundations and concealers are the key tools to face makeup. The Revlon foundation is among the best sellers because of its easy application, smoothness and variety. The brand offers a good variety of foundation makeup in a variety of forms, colours, application and quantity.

Buy Revlon Lipstick Online At Habbana

The Revlon lip wear is in sync with the latest fashion trends but at the same time does not loose its essence of belonging to the war time. It comprises of dark and bold shades and most of the shades have a matt finish to it. The best of shades to be found in the Revlon lip wear range would be colours like maroon and light brown.

How Revlon Started

Revlon is among the oldest American cosmetic brands, found in the midst of the Great Depression period. With a team of three people the brand launched its first product a nail enamel and then ventured out into other products. During the second World War the brand made products matching and blending with the U.S army which was honoured. Revlon was ranked among the top 5 cosmetic brands in the U.S by the end of the world war. The brand has till date created excellent products to enhance beauty and has an ancient touch to it.