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Lotus Herbals : A Brand Of Natural Beauty

Lotus Herbals is a natural cosmetics company which comprises of India’s most ancient essence – Ayurveda. It believes in products made out of natural herbs unlike the modern age chemical oriented, synthetic and animal tested cosmetics. The products of lotus herbals are an amalgamation of old beauty techniques and today’s technology bringing to you products that are the right choice for your skin and hair.

Lotus Products

Lotus products comprise of a wide range of over 250 skin care, hair care, sun protection and makeup products. The products are made keeping in mind the ancient study of Vedas using Ayurvedic application for body care and beauty enhancement. The products are usually in a cream form and easy to use. The body care products give instant results and the makeup products help in highlighting and adding to your features with meticulous skin care.

Lotus Cosmetics At Habbana

The Lotus Herbals cosmetic range includes makeup products mainly eye make, face makeup, lip wear and nail beautification. All these products are available in either gel or cream form with innumerable colour shades at decent prices.

Buy Lotus Cream And Skin Care Online

The lotus skin care range comprises of 14 categories, each suitable for skin care and also has a separate category for kits and combos of all products. The skin care products are 100% natural made using the Ayurvedic beauty formulas. There is a separate array of creams available for sun protection with 11 categories each being specialised for a type.

Shop Lotus Hair Care

The Lotus hair care range includes shampoos, conditioners, oils and tonics. The products are again 100% natural made using Ayurvedic body care formulas. The products are priced decently and available in good quantities.