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Buy Lakme Products Online At Habbana

We highly recommend Lakme products. They are easy to use, suitable and convenient. The packaging differs from product to product but is presentable and available in a good quantity at affordable prices (some of the iconic products are priced high but are definitely value for money). You can buy Lakme products online at Habbana at good discounts and offers.

Lakme Makeup

Lakme is ranked number 1 among the cosmetic brands in India. Since Lakme is made for Indian complexion its makeup products are just apt to blend in and enhance your look. It includes all the variety of products for your makeup regime, be it face get-up, eye makeup and lip wear.

Lakme Skin Care Products

Since Lakme is a brand for the Indian skin, the Lakme skin care products should be your first choice. The brand includes variety of skin care products each specialised for a different Indian skin care type. Skin care products include face wash & face mask, day & night cream, gel cream, face serum etc.

How Lakme Started

Lakme is India’s first brand to introduce make-up for Indian women. It is also one of the oldest cosmetics brand in India, started in 1952 – Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru requested J.R.D Tata to manufacture beauty products as he noticed that Indian women were spending a lot of foreign exchange on buying international beauty products. From that time until now Lakme has been catering beauty enhancement to Indian women through makeup products, skin care products and beauty salons. The USP of the brand is in providing beauty products made keeping in mind the Indian skin. The brand has always been up to date with the latest trends and also come up with some iconic products specialised for a variety of Indian skin tones and quality. The brand has also kept in mind the humid weather conditions for skin care.