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Chambor Lipstick Collection

Lip wear is among the Chambor best sellers and is a favourite of a lot of women. Chambor lip wear range includes lip balms, lip pencils, lip gloss and lipsticks all of the products specialised in giving you beautiful and moisturised lips. The Chambor lip wear especially the lipstick range consist of very dark and bold colours usually suitable for night outings.

Chambor Products Range

Chambor has a good variety of product range from face products, eye make-up, lip wear, nail enhancement products, skin care, body fragrance, Chambor makeup removers etc. The products under the category ‘OROSA’ comprise of the most iconic Chambor products.

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The Chambor cosmetics and skin care range are of affordable prices with a decent quantity packaged in presentable bottles. You can buy Chambor products online at Habbana at discounted rates and offers.

Chambor Cosmetics

Chambor is a cosmetics company based in Geneva, Switzerland. The USP of the brand is its products being null of any animal ingredients. Since Switzerland is such a nature centric place, hence we believe that they follow basic laws of nature and so their products are soo natural and suitable for all skin types. The brand believes in creating products that would complement your nature and surroundings rather than blending in with it. The brand always keeps in mind the current fashion trends yet does not move out of its ‘elegant style’ zone.