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Victoria Secret as the name suggests refers to the Victorian era unfolding the secrets within clothing. The brand was started by Roy Raymond with the purpose of making lingerie shopping more comfortable, open and convenient. Now the brand is huge and has ventured out into other products like swimwear and body products. The skin and body products have turned out to be a big hit due to their approach towards making a women feel, look and smell sexy and gorgeous.

Shop Victoria Secret Body Mist Complete Range Online

Victoria Secret body products include lotions, creams, body wash and body mist. These are divided in categories and named after adjectives or descriptive stories rather than their ingredients. The adjectives denote the feel of the product, for example – seduction, fantasy, kisses, craving and many more. The Victoria Secret body mist is the right choice to make you feel fresh and sexy as it not only cools down your skin but also adds a long lasting fragrance to your skin. The Victorias Secret body products are also available in sets of three, for example – a body wash, body lotion and body mist. A set would always have the three products combined together under one adjective name only.

Victoria Secret Perfume (Our Favorite Bombshell)

The Victoria Secret Perfumes have been an all-time favourite of most women as their fragrance creates a high sex appeal aura. The perfumes also fall under the adjective names as mentioned above and create a feel of the same. Most of the fragrances are floral rather than fruity and make you smell fresh. The fragrance is long lasting with just 4-5 sprays lasting for 5-6 hours. We suggest the award winning Bombshell Perfume which is poured into an emerald shaped bottle and gives you a sexy as well as elegant fragrance.

Victoria Secret Product Packaging

The Victoria Secret body products and perfumes are poured into presentable, fashionable and girly type bottles. They can accompany you as an accessory in your transparent purses and also add to your room decor. The bottles are usually printed with delicate pastel coloured drawings and are transparent showing off the coloured liquid blending in with the print. A lot of the products, mostly the body mist are poured into plastic bottles which make it easy to carry.

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