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Maybelline New York has made its mark in the cosmetics industry. It is among the top selling and favourite product range for beauty enhancement and skincare. Unlike other cosmetic companies Maybelline has a story to it – Young boy Tom Lyle Williams noticed his sister Mabel applying a mixture of Vaseline and coal dust to her eyelashes making them look darker and making them stand out. Taking inspiration from his sister William created an eye beautifier and soon started his company Maybelline named after his sister Mabel. Maybelline has till date created products that have always been a hit and favorite for women. One good fact about Maybelline is its cost price which is reasonable and still gives you the best of products.

Shop for Maybelline Lipstick And Lip Balm

With amazing celebrity endorsers like Alia Bhatt, Maybelline managed to attract audience to try out its lip balm and lipstick shades. The lip balm was a big hit as it blends well with the Indian skin and it’s all in one qualities of making your lips soft, supple, protecting it from the sun through SPF content and adding natural looking colour to it made it everyone’s favourite. The Maybelline Lipstick shades are again the best choice because of their perfectly blending and vibrant shades. Maybelline Lipsticks are available in matte, gloss and glitter. Maybelline is most well-known for its pink shades.

Maybelline Kajal And Eye Makeup

The Maybelline Colossal Kajal is considered as the best seller and most favourable kajal having close competition with Lakme Kajal. Its properties are what make it the best choice – no smudge, waterproof, smooth application and dark colour. A super black variation to the Colossal Kajal is also available for kohl eyes. Other eye make products like the Colossal Mascara, eyeliners and eye shadows are also the best choices for your eye makeup wear.

Maybelline Face Products

The Maybelline face products are apt for your beauty needs. The Maybelline V Face Range consist of a contour, highlighter and blush to give the perfect cheek bones, fine lines and get up to your face with an even skin tone.

Maybelline nail paints also consist of vibrant and blending colours. You can buy Maybelline products online at Habbana.