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Garnier products are just apt for your skin care and hair care. Buy Garnier products be it Garnier hair care products like Garnier hair colour, Garnier shampoo, Garnier conditioner or Garnier skin care products like Garnier face wash, Garnier scrub, Garnier cream etc online at Habbana at discounted rates and offers.

Garnier products for everyday use: Three facts are very prominent about Garnier products-
They include a wide variety of products. Every category of product includes umpteen choices for different skin and hair types
Low cost products
Suitable for all skin and hair types. Garnier is a mass market brand and includes general skin care and hair care products. Even though the brand offers specialised products for different skin care and hair care problems, a wide range of the brand still comprises of general products which are suitable for all skin and hair types.
Garnier shampoo and Garnier hair colour: Best hair care products – Garnier shampoo is the best seller out of all the Garnier hair care products. It is available in different flavours and also includes a range of specialised shampoos for different hair types. It is cost-effective and affordable for everyday use, one bottle of Garnier shampoo would averagely last for a month. Garnier hair colour is the most exclusive category of the brand comprising of the Garnier Nutrisse collection which is a favourite of a lot of women as it nourishes, maintains a long lasting colour and ultra visible shine to the hair.
Know more about Garnier: Garnier, previously referred to as ‘Laboratories Garnier’ is mass market cosmetic brand supplying skin care and hair care products and is now acquired by L’oreal. The brand has made its presence worldwide with different product ranges specialised for different skin type and cultures. Garnier products are loved by a lot of Indians, hence Garnier was ranked 73rd in 2012 and 47th in 2013 as India’s most trusted brand in the Brand Trust Report. Buy Garnier products online in India at Habbana at discounted rates and offers. COD available.