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Buy Ben Nye Banana Powder Online

Ben Nye is very well known for its powder which most of the cosmetic brands have stopped focusing on replacing it with compact. Powder does not blend in with your face but adds and gives an outstanding get up to your face. The Ben Nye banana powder is just the right choice for Indian skin as the powder shade matches Indian skin. Its essential nutrients would nourish your skin. A powder can be applied to any part of your body to give it a soothing effect and prevent itching. This product is definitely made for skincare and is suitable for all skin types.

About Ben Nye

Ben Nye is a cosmetics company started by Benjamin Nye who was a well-known makeup artist in the Hollywood film industry. He has worked for over four decades in the film industry in and out of Hollywood and started his makeup company – Ben Nye after his retirement. Ben NYE products are extremely professional as well as have an ancient touch to it. They are an amazing combination of traditional and modern mixes bringing to you skin enhancing along with skincare.

Ben Nye traditional modern mix

The Ben Nye shades consist of ancient art themes presented in a modern form. For example the ‘pop’ was an ancient era which focused on vibrant neon colours and under the Ben Nye brand these shades are available and named as the ‘Pop Art Shades’. Trends keep shuffling and becoming the current trend sometime or the other. Hence, these ancient and new age mix of products are always in demand.

Banana Powder Uses

Habbana always brings to you the most useful and apt products for your beauty needs. The Ben Nye’s Luxury Banana Powder is just the perfect powder for your skin. In olden days women mixed bananas with wheat flour and oil to make a face mask. Hence this powder is termed as a luxury powder because it has an original touch to it and is the best choice of powder for your skin. The Ben Nye Banana Powder is available in two sizes online at Habbana.