December is here and so is the most fun and chilling season of India – Winters. For these one – two months women end up paying very less attention towards their beauty especially the basic winter skin care. The month is filled with occasions like Christmas and New Years which also makes it a very busy month. In this article we throw light upon skin care tips for the winter season also suggesting the right products to use during this season.

1. Moisturize Your Skin For Basic Winter Skin Care

This is the first and most essential step for winter skin care. As we all know during winter the skin tends to get dry, hence, moisturizing your skin during winters is the most basic skin care rule. Although you need to understand your skin type- people with oily skin don’t need moisturizing at a daily basis as their skin wouldn’t get dry easily and moisturizing it would just increase their oily skin problems where as on the other hand some people might have extremely dry skin and would need moisturizing every 3-4 hours. The Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion is a general and very effective moisturizer for all skin types available at Habbana at a discounted rate of Rs 282.


2. Avoid Using Scrubs To Maintain Winter Skin Care

On usual days we prefer using a scrub for tan removal and also because it gives better cleansing and refreshment than a general body wash would. But during winters using a body scrub is a bad option as it would make your skin even more dry and too much use of a scrub on dry skin would lead to rashes and skin tearing. Hence using a body wash instead of a soap or scrub is the best option during winter season. You could also look out for moisturizing body washes or body cream washes like Imperial Leather Softy Moisturizing Shower Cream,  Nivea Shower Gel Cream Soft, Fruttini Cranberry Choc Shower Cream etc.


3. Don’t Avoid Sunscreen For Winter Skin Care

A lot of people are generally of the opinion that they can easily avoid a sunscreen during winters. This is a very wrong decision as during winters your skin is most prone to sun skin diseases and tanning. Sun heat hitting dry skin is the worst thing to happen as you might get skin burns. Hence, to avoid this always apply sunscreen every 4-5 hours during winter.



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