Aren’t birthdays the most exciting event for any girl? Pampering, gifts, cakes and not to forget dressing up. On your birthday you just have to look the best and everyone’s eyes have to be on the birthday girl. I have often noticed a girl never has a bad hair day or pimple eruptions on her birthday. If you’re birthday falls in November here’s our guide on how you should dress for your birthday.

1. November Colour Is Topaz (Yellow)

Always keep in mind the birthstone colour of your month. Wearing the colour of your birthday month will always blend in amazingly with your look. We found out the November birthday month colour is Topaz which includes all shades of Yellow. Often, people perceive this as a dull colour but we believe, yellow is among the most brightest as well as light provoking shades. Keeping in mind India’s weather we don’t have winters before December, hence, Yellow is just the right shade for a sunny day. According to colour psychology Yellow colour is the best colour to create enthusiasm and also awakens confidence and optimism. Hence, if you are a November birthday girl flaunt a flowing yellow dress during the day making you look as the most gorgeous birthday girl. You could go for a net or lace material as it looks very dressy and elegant.


2. Accessories

The best accessory to go with a Yellow dress is a black coloured light neckpiece and since it’s your birthday a big fancy black and silver ring. You could wear a black or beige coloured foot wear and carry a black colour sling bag. With the trend of tiaras and flower headpieces, you could also wear a delicate headpiece to give a bohemian touch. Check out your birthday neckpiece at Habbana.


3. Style Your Hair

We believe that the best hairstyle with your look would be a back combed or side braid with spiral curls. Begin by executing spiral curls on the lower bangs of your hair and braid the upper portion of your hair. Don’t forget to use a hairspray that would make the hairstyle stay in place and add some shine. We suggest the FarmaVita hd Life Liss & Sparking Smooth & Protect Spray available at a discounted rate of Rs 1026 on our website.



4. Make-Up For Your Look

Since Yellow is such a day and sunny colour it needs some added shine. Use a BB cream on your face for some glow. We suggest, Wear a bright Orange or Red coloured lipstick to outshine your face. We suggest the Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick (015 Tangerino shade) available at a discounted rate of Rs 449 on our website. An eye make-up with Golden-Yellow eye shadow, Black Kajal to line the lower and upper lid of your eyes and not to forget mascara to open up your eyes lashes. Products we suggest for your eye make-up are the Makeup Revolution 32 Eyeshadow Palette (affirmation shades), Maybelline The Colossal Kajal Super Black , Maybelline Colossal Mascara Waterproof  available at discounted rates on our website.




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