The stringent karachauth fast is just one of a kind for married women. However tiring the fast might get-gifts,mother-in-law’s love in the form of sargi and not to forget dressing up for your husband just adds spice to the occassion. Therefore we found it necessary to give you some make-up tips for your karvachauth dressing up regime.


Sindoor is not make-up, it is the signature of a married women. In olden days married women wore sindoor on a daily basis, now this trend has died out for most women. But on the occassion of karvachauth u cannot miss out on wearing sindoor. If you are wearing a maang tikka, make sure your sindoor is thick enough to bulge out of it in order to be visible. If you are not wearing a maang tikka draw a very thin line of sindoor starting from the centre end of your forehead uptil your mid scalp. Faces has come out with an amazing quality and easy to use sindoor. Check it out on our website – Faces Sindoor at a discounted rate of Rs 109.


Glossy lipstick

Any festival is about shine. Hence,we always suggest to wear a glittery shade. Also keep in mind to wear bright shades. We suggest you wear a bright red shade lip gloss…as red is just the signature colour for karvachauth. Red also symbolizes love which is the forte of the festival. You could check out the L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine 6HR Lip Gloss available on our website.

Add colour to your face

On this auspicious occasion your face shouldn’t just look dry or your daily glow. Add some colour to the apples of your cheeks making it stand out in the moonlight. Dab some blush onto your cheeks. Try using a pinkish-red colour just like your lips. We suggest the Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush , for shining and naturally coloured cheeks, available at a discounted rate of Rs275 on our website.

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