Wella Professionals is one of the oldest and major premium hair care brand. Over the years, the brand has introduced products that are specialized to particular hair issues and types. I have used a couple of Wella Professionals products and have realized that some of them are just apt for general hair care where as a few of their products work as wonders for the hair. It’s difficult to figure out the best products among such a wide range of products, hence, here’s my pick on the best products of Wella Professionals.

1.Wella Professionals Clean Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Dandruff is a very deadly hair disease which causes itching and bleeding in the scalp if not treated on time. There are a number of anti-dandruff shampoos in the market today and every hair care expert has different suggestions on which one is the best. I strongly suggest this shampoo for treating dandruff as it eradicates the dandruff particles from the hair within 5-6 washes and along with that nourishes the hair by moisturizing it.

2.Wella Mirror Polish Shine Serum

This serum is magical! It makes your hair look just like the one in those TV and magazine shampoo ad commercials. Shiny, Thick and Gorgeous! It is one the best serums to reduce the look of fizziness. Just like other serums it needs to be applied post shampoo on wet hair and begin applying it from the roots stretching it through the lengths of your hair. Just two to three drops of the serum are sufficient for a glossy finish.

3.Wella Sun Protection Spray

This is one of the brand’s iconic product and I believe that everyone should use this product for their daily hair care. The hot and humid weather with the harmful UV rays of the sun are the most major cause for hair damage and this product is a savior for that. The Wella Sun Protection spray is made of a Vitamin complex which not only protects the hair from the harmful UV rays but also nourishes the hair by smoothing it.

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