The sling bag trend has stayed strong since last summer, carried by both Bollywood celebrities and street style-savvy fashionistas alike. However, there are right and wrong ways to wear the current styles. Sling bags come in every color, material, and hardware imaginable, especially now due to their continuing popularity. Here are a few tips on the most stylish way to rock a sling.

1. Keep It Youthful

Sling bags can take a look from dowdy to dashing, but you need to make sure you’re wearing the right style of bag with your outfit. Habbana carries trendy sling bags that channel other current aesthetics, such as the retro ‘70s look. A piece like Sarah’s Garden Bag goes beautifully with the popular trend of wild hair, slouchy printed sweaters, and other free-spirited ensembles. This is the right way to do a sling bag without looking dated. One of the key elements of style is to always keep it youthful, regardless of what your age. Depending on how you wear a bag, whether you’re 21 or 121, you need to keep it edgy and stylish. Carrying a floral print purse with a formal work outfit probably wouldn’t go over well, whereas combining it with the current boho trend gives the pattern an edgier feel.

2. Match Color to Wardrobe

Before you decide what kind of sling bag you want, take a look inside your closet first. If you’re planning on purchasing a bag that to be multi-functional and an accessory for everyday use, then you’ll need to plan around the palettes you already have. Pairing military colors such as olive green with gold accessories like statement jewelry is a bold statement. This also applies to bags, so if your wardrobe contains lots of organic, earthy tones like olive and brown, adding a little contrast like with metallic is advisable. On the other hand, if you’re a fan of bright colors and patterns, going for a solid bag with uncomplicated hardware can serve you well.

3. Keep Occasion in Mind

Pair sling bags with more casual outfits, such as denim, slouchy sweaters, basic tees, and cardigans, since they generally don’t go with formalwear. This look was seen especially during Lakmé Fashion Week when Elle India fashion editor Nidhi Jacob paired a sling bag with a loose tunic and skirt. On the other hand, some sling bags do come in more formal materials and incorporate luxe hardware. If you’re going to a formal event and need your hands free, consider a bag such as our Foil Chic piece. This purse has sling straps which allow you to carry all essentials on your shoulder easily, but the metallic makes this purse suitable for both day and night. The chain-link portion of the strap also pumps up the glamour, and ensures that whether you’re walking down the street or into a formal restaurant, you’ll be appropriately attired.

4. Choose the Right Size

An over-stuffed bag is one of the worst fashion faux-pas out there, and is to be avoided at all costs. Due to the fact that sling bags come in so many different sizes, and they’re often seen in roomier styles, it’s tempting to assume that everything you’ve ever owned can fit into one easily. However, this isn’t the case. When you’re shopping for a sling bag, make sure you note the dimensions found on each of our pages. If you’re searching for a fashion-conscious but roomy bag, check out our Sage Duffle Bag. This style incorporates the slouchy, casual aesthetic that’s in fashion right now in neutral, classic colors, and can fit everything from makeup to a change of clothes.

5. The Bag as Color Pop

If you’re searching for a statement bag, slings are a great style to wear. Amrita Arora Ladak is a great example of how to wear a monochromatic, black outfit with a boldly colored purse. To pump up impact, match a makeup color to your bag, such as lipstick or bold eyeliner. Our Royal Bag comes in a rich hue of green, adding a pop of color to any simple outfit while maintaining the popular sling style. This bag is also especially versatile, since the chain strap is removable, allowing you to transform the Royal from a sling into a clutch.

There’s a correct and wrong way to wear any garment and accessory, although sling bags aren’t difficult to get right. Whether you’re looking for some color in your life, versatility, or an everyday all-use bag, this style is a good option for any purpose. We offer a wide variety of sling bags on our site, and there’s something for every fashionista out there. Our reasonable prices also mean that you can get the runway look for a fraction of the cost, and stock your closet with at least a few different styles of this popular trend.

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