Winter is here and dryness of lips is prominent problem faced during this season. In our last post we spoke about Winter Beauty Tips For Winter Skin Care.  Along with winter skin care, lip care is also a must as even the lips are part of our skin. The first and most obvious lip care step would be using a lip balm. In this article we talk about the kind of lip balm you should opt for during winters as well as other lip care tips.

1. Lip Balm With A SPF  lip balm with spf 20

During winters we generally avoid sun care thinking that it isn’t sunny during winters. This is actually false. During winters the sun is very strong without us even realizing it. Hence it is very crucial to use a lip balm with a SPF of at least 20 to protect your lips from the sun. Try to stick to one SPF figure without experimenting with different sorts of lip balms giving you lower and higher SPF. Just like how a sunscreen needs to be re-applied every 4-5 hours so does a lip balm. In fact a lip balm should be re-applied even often as it might get wiped off while eating and has a tendency to dry up soon.

2. Lip Balm With Lip Colour  lip balm -colour

With the growing cosmetic industry we have all convenient products available and so is a lip balm which acts like a lipstick. Hence, for winters pick a lip balm with colour instead of applying lipsticks or a lip gloss. Something like the MAYBELLINE LIP SMOOTH COLOR BLOOM would be suitable for such a multipurpose acting as a skincare and cosmetic product.

beetroot - lip balm

3. Beetroot As A Home Remedy

Here’s an advice for lip care using home remedies. ‘Beetroot’ grown out of the beet plant is the most useful home remedy for healthy lips as well as colouring of lips. It comprises of the colouring pigments Betanin and Vulgaxanthin, thus acting as a natural source of nutrient for your lips. Beetroot is healthy for the lips all year long but during winters they work as wonders on your lips helping in reducing dryness as well preventing your lips from losing its pink colour. The best way to consume beetroot is by making a juice out of it as many people don’t prefer the taste of beetroot.

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