Hair care problems have become a crucial sensitivity to be taken care of because of the growing hair problems. In our busy schedule we pay very minimal or no attention towards our hair. In such cases choosing the right hair care products are the solution to maintain our hair and keep them healthy. In this article we throw light upon Bed Head – a range of hair care and nail products by TIGI a Uniliver division.

1. Why Choose Tigi Bed Head

People generally pay less attention at hair care and end up choosing a FMGC product in a hurry. This hurry and negligence might lead to severe hair related problems. Hence we suggest to use specialized hair care products to maintain your hair. Tigi Bed Head is among the top brands supplying and focusing on hair care and hair styling products. More than half of your hair care problems are at relief if you choose the right product for your hair under the Bed Head range. The creators of the brand products are the same as of Toni&Guy another successful hair care brand.

2. Tigi Bed Head Product Range

Tigi Bed Head focuses purely on hair care and hair styling products. It is among the rare brands that includes a separate category for men hair care products. The hair care range includes shampoos, conditioners, dry shampoos etc. It also comprises of specialized shampoos and conditioners for coloured hair. All the products needed for any hair style be it frizz control products, hair sprays, textures, curl enhancers, products for hair volume are covered under the hair styling product range.  Major styling equipment like a curling iron is also part of this category.

3. Product packaging and pricing

Tigi Bed Head has the best product packaging according to us. The products are packaged in vibrant coloured unique shaped quirky bottles. They are very presentable and can add to your room decor as well as look avant-garde in your transparent purses. Some of the products especially  the hair care shampoos are expensive but last for a longer time, hence, are good value for money. All the other products are affordable and available at discounted rates at Habbana online.

Tigi Bed Head Best Sellers


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