Getting rid of those pesky, unsightly blackheads for good might seem like a tough task, but don’t get too discouraged! Here at Habbana, we make finding the best face wash for blackheads easy. We offer a variety of skin care products containing key ingredients to help you fend off, and keep away for good, those irritating blemishes. Here are some helpful tips about blackheads, as well as a rundown of the ingredients in skin care products that will work best to aid you in the battle for clear, beautiful skin.


What Are Blackheads, Anyway?

So here’s the quick rundown on those pesky, unsightly spots. Blackheads are often looked at as the first stage of acne, and a sign that bacteria is getting ready to deeper invade the pores of your skin. Yuck! Blackheads are formed when oil and bacteria—also known as sebum—build up and block your pores. Since sebum contains melanin, the exposure of the sebum to the air is what causes it to oxidize and turn a dark color. This is the explanation for the fact that despite their appearance, blackheads aren’t just comprised of dirt on the face. This is why just washing them, or even scrubbing them, won’t cause them to simply disappear.


Monsoon Season Might Be One of the Biggest Culprits

Various acne breakouts and skin flare ups can happen at any time of year, but sometimes the weather can have a lot to do with it. The monsoon season contributes to various skin conditions and infections. While monsoon weather can make your skin feel dry, itchy, and stretched, the high humidity can also make your skin more susceptible to bacteria and fungus, and cause oil production to increase. With increased oil on your face, you might be headed towards an influx of blackheads. But don’t fret; we’ve got the right products to help you rid your face of blackheads, and prevent more of them from cropping up.

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The Three Ingredients to Look For

There are three things you’ll want to see on the ingredients label for your blackhead fighting products. Here’s a quick breakdown of why they’re so important, along with some products containing these boosts that you can find right here on Habbana.


  1. Salicylic Acid. Perhaps the most important ingredient in the fight against blackheads, salicylic acid works by breaking down oil and unclogging your pores. It might sound like simple stuff, but this acid is really going to be the boost that will help you to attack the root of your blackhead woes. Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub contains an optimal amount of salicylic acid, delivered to your skin in an exfoliating scrub. The scrub is a bonus scrubbing away dead skin with regular exfoliation is one key to keeping blackheads at bay.
  2. You can potentially prevent and repair damage to your body’s tissue by incorporating antioxidants into your skin care routine. A healthy diet can also help improve the condition of your skin, and antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E are found in a variety of different foods and beverages. Green tea is already known for its powerful antioxidant properties, and a product like St. Ives Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub delivers the benefits directly to your skin with green tea extracts. If you recall, oxidization is part of what forms blackheads and causes them to darken in color. So an antioxidant is precisely what you’ll want working on your side.
  3. As mentioned above, excessive bacteria are one of the causes of blackheads, and can increase along with changing humidity and weather. You’ll want to make sure that you use a facial wash or scrub with antibacterial properties as part of your daily skin care regimen to stop blackheads. Many products contain natural extracts with antibacterial properties, like neem. Not only is neem currently all the rage in India due to its various uses for health and beauty, but it’s also found in Biotique Neem Purifying Face Wash. Especially during monsoon season, you might need to wash your face with an antibacterial wash more than once a day to keep your skin as clean as possible.


Products containing these ingredients are often necessary in ridding yourself of blackheads. Overall, though, be sure to remember that there are other components to good skin care, like a healthy diet, drinking lots of water, daily moisturizing, and daily application of sunscreen. Adopting a skincare regimen that utilizes these crucial habits, as well as regular use of products like the ones listed above, will have your skin glowing while you kiss unsightly blackheads and blemishes goodbye. Take care to focus on keeping your face clean, oil free, and exfoliated, and you’ll really start to see the results.


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