The most dreadful moths of the year, for the Indian climate is here- April and May.  One of the most heated season of the year (summers) not only eats up our temper and mood but also sweats out our skin and hair quality. There are a number of tips and product suggestions circulating about summer hair care tips and here is mine, based on the Indian hair type.

1.Hot Water Hair Bath For Summer Hair Care

I know you must be loving to have a cold water bath during this piping hot season but just to keep in mind hair care, use hot water to cleanse your hair at least thrice a week. Hot water penetrates deep into the roots to cleanse off all the impurities and grim caused due to sweat, heat and pollution. To maintain a cooling sensation during your hair bath, use a cooling hair shampoo mainly with mint ingredients. We suggest the Wella Professionals Refresh Refreshing Shampoo and the Organix Hydrating Tea Tree Shampoo available at discounted rates and offers.

2. Avoid Oiling Your Hair For Summer Hair Care

Usually it is believed that oil nourishes the hair but during summers you should avoid oiling your hair because oil makes the hair sticky and with the heat the hair tends to become even more sticky. Hence, use a serum or a hair spa treatment during summers for basic hair nourishment.

3.Avoid Leaving The Hair Open For Summer Hair Care

We all love letting our hair loose open for the world to admire it. But unfortunately the summers aren’t in favor of this idea. We tend to sweat very often during summers which is what makes our hair sticky and would further lead to hair issues like dandruff. Letting the hair open would just add to this aspect. Hence, this summer try to experiment with different hairstyles by either braiding it, tying a high pony tail or a bun.


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