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In these modern, technological times when everything is available at the click of a button, one is often inundated by the sheer volume of information and options available.

This has led to a growing market of fakes and cheap, counterfeited products, which are so difficult to distinguish from the original ones. Not only are authorized sellers selling at authentic prices and losing out to sellers of fake products retailing identical products at a fraction of the cost, buyers and shoppers like you are spending on products that are substandard, bogus, hazardous to your health and unethical.

A whopping 10% of toiletry products manufactured globally are fake today! For an untrained eye, or even a trained one, today’s advances in technology have enabled manufacturers of fakes to produce almost identical perfumes that look and smell the same. But you’ll soon realize that a fake perfume’s smell won’t last as long and the color is not quite the same,

We believe that as one of India’s largest beauty portals, it is our responsibility to inform and educate you about how to not get conned into buying counterfeited, expensive products like perfumes and how to choose wisely.


How to identify fake perfumes fake versus original fragrances designer perfumes branded perfumes say no to fakes tips tricks paco rabanne one millionRule number one: SPELLING! There can be minor goof-ups in spellings on fake bottles.

The cellophane should be snugly wrapped around the box. If it’s loose, wrinkly, stuck with too much glue, you can be sure it’s a fake.

Your perfume is a fake if the material of the box packaging feels cheap and of low quality. Designer perfumes are packed in high-grade boxes to give a sense of luxury and thin, flimsy boxes don’t make the cut.

The bottle itself should be consistent in shape. If you’re buying a particular perfume for the first time, we advice you go to a local, trusted store like Parcos and see the bottle, color of the perfume, fragrance before you buy it online. This will also give you a fair idea of the price range.

The cap of the perfume should fit nice and tight around the nozzle. The glass bottle should not have any air bubbles.


The fragrance of a fake perfume will not last on you or your clothes for more than an hour. While it may be very close to the way your favorite brand of perfume smells, it will completely disappear in a matter of a few minutes.

Your original perfume has top notes, middle notes and base notes which is why it smells slightly different in a few hours when the top note fades and the middle notes come forward. An original perfume will leave a trace on you for 2-3 hours. You will even find a trace of it on your clothes days afterwards in your closet if left unwashed.

When you shake a fake perfume bottle, the bubbles that appear will disappear instantly where as in an original perfume bottle, the bubbles take 5-10 seconds to disappear.


We assure you that every purchase that you make online on Habbana is sourced from 100% authentic, original brands and goes through several rounds of quality checks and random warehouse checks to ensure that you get exactly what you paid for. Our customer care representatives will be happy to answer any queries you may have regarding the same. Email us at to get in touch.

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