However busy your day is night time is always your relaxing time. But before dozing off carelessly you should follow a skincare routine to detox your skin from all the damage that is caused to it through heat, pollution and stress. We’ve listed down a few tips that you can include in your pre-sleep schedule (for face only).

1. Wash Your Face

We highly suggest Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser as your daily face wash. It is the most recommended face wash by most of the dermatologist because it works wonders for acne prone skin keeping it in control and is easy to remove without causing any stickiness or side effects to the skin. It cleanses your skin removing all the impurities and makes it as fresh. The face washing before sleep is a ‘have to’ as you need to eradicate all the impurities readily lying on your skin. It is available on our website at a discounted rate of Rs 351.

2. Apply A Mask Or Peel At least Twice A Week

The face wash removes all the readily available impurities but to get back to your evergreen glow use a mask or peel. This would reach all the impurities deep down the layers of your skin and peel it off. Although if you have very dry skin avoid using a peel. If you feel you are too exposed to the sun and pollution use the mask thrice a week and not more than that or else your skin might get very dry. You can choose a suitable face mask according to your skin type from our mask/peel section. It is the best time of the day to apply a mask as you can sleep off with it washing it once you are up. A lot of masks have restrictions on your mobility outside the house and any work (for example- cooking near a stove very close to the heat), hence, night time is the perfect time to apply a mask.

3. Right Sleeping Position

It is really important to adjust your sleeping position. A lot of people have the habit of tilting towards one side or sleeping on their stomach. This results in you pressing your one cheek totally on the pillow which will end up in you developing lines on your cheek. If you are among those people who just can’t get rid of this habit we recommend you avoid using a cotton pillow because cotton can extract all the moisture of your skin making it dry. The most healthy position to sleep (also keeping in my mind the mask on your face) is sleeping straight on your back.


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