Sometimes, all it takes is finding the right sunglasses—in just the right shade—to make the world better. Peer through the lens of a rebel or a diva. Get cute or groovy. At Habbana, we offer an extensive collection of aviator sunglasses for women.

From blue moon and lemon sorbet to shaded lenses and popping pink, our diverse line-up of eyewear is all about giving you a whole world of choices. We do our best to deliver the trendiest, latest and most stylish of shades—because we recognize the many sides and different shades of you. Whatever the day or time, whatever occasion or happenstance, we have sunglasses that answer to your every mood and whim:

Spend a Day at the Beach

Don your cover up, bring your bag and see the world through candy pink Aviators as you spend another day at the beach. Take as many pictures as you want. Take a dip in cool waters and when you’re ready for a bit of reprieve, head on over to the nearest lounge chair or just spread your towel on the shore. Looking stylish on the beach had never been this easy. If you and your friends are headed to the beach for some sand and sea, don’t forget to pack your aviator glasses to complete your sexy, stylish beach-wear ensemble.

Stroll through the Afternoon Sunset

In the mood to stroll through the park? Get your groove on with your aviator sunglasses. There’s nothing like the feeling of being out on a perfect afternoon. Look everywhere and see something unique in everything. If you’re the type that appreciates uniqueness and quirky fun, you’ll love the double-shaded lens we have. It’s just the right touch of glam to bring that afternoon stroll from the usual, ordinary and even average day into a fashionable and elegant experience.


Play Tourist and Gawk at the Ruins

You’re heading to that exotic destination you’ve always wanted, the plane is leaving in a few hours and you still haven’t finished packing? No worries. Grab your mega modish pair of aviator sunglasses and you’ll be set. It won’t matter if you only pack a few essential tops and bottoms. With the right eyeglasses, you can change the look of your getup in minutes. Go for classy or chic, quirky or cute.

Hot Sunny Day

It might be a little hot to go outside but a little heat never hurt, at least not if you have your trusty aviators by your side. Wear your shorts, rumpled as ever, and your shirts, always slightly askew, and head on over to do your grocery or pick something up from the laundry shop. Stay classy while you go out and do your chores, run your errands and set your affairs to rights. Who says the everyday you—unkempt, busy and in a hurry to check off every item on your TO DO list—don’t have enough style? You’ve got that in spades. Your eyeglasses are just one way to let the world know it too.

Dress-up Fridays

Get the right vibe with your suit. Too formal? Have fun by donning those candy colored lenses, or wear them on top of your head for great effect. Want to splash up your dowdy, monotone suit? Your pastel colored aviator glasses will get the job done. Bring color back into the boring world of stuffy suits and formal office wear with the best of your aviator pairs.

Styles, Prices and Others

So what are you waiting for? We have a range of styles that run from the classic to modern, from rainbow shades to dark ones. Pick the style that matches your face type. Grab the pair that looks good over your eyes and that makes you feel great about the world every single time you peer through its lens. Or go with some pink class or fun blue shade—just for a change or a day. Or maybe a cheerful yellow shade is just the thing you need to get your happiness level up and cranking at work when all you want to do is burrow under the pile on your desk and sleep the deadlines away.

So pick any aviator pair from our site—from flashy numbers to casual chic that you can wear everywhere. Whichever style or shade you want, you’re sure to find something that you love in our line-up. Because we understand style. And we understand you. And when we put both together, we know there’s just one thing at the heart of our business: finding the perfect thing for the right person, every single time. That’s what we want to happen for all our customers. When we see you find something you love, it’s seeing that dream—of something beautiful—come alive in the world—in your own and ours.

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