Just a day before Diwali is ‘Roop Chaudas’ often referred to as Choti Diwali. It is a really auspicious festival for the Hindus and as the name suggest it is the day of beauty. On this day we pray for a beautiful body as with good health you need good looks as well. It was the day when Lord Krishna killed the demon Narakasura. Here at Habbana, we feel this is an amazing festival to pray and gain beauty…as maintaining your physique and appearance will just make you happier. We list down rituals you should follow on ‘Roop Chaudas’.

blog_uptan1. Traditional Early Bath With Uptan

In olden days when we did not have cosmetics, a paste called the Uptan was applied while bathing. The Uptan paste includes a mixture of wheat flour (Atta), oil and turmeric powder (Haldi). It is one of the oldest and most effective beauty remedy which moisturizes, lightens tanning and makes your skin glow. Although avoid using it on your face as it might make your face oily. After bathing with uptan you can use normal soap or a body wash to add some fragrance and to remove excess of oil.

2. Prayers And Faith For A Healthy And Beautiful Body

Begin by thanking God for making you soo beautiful. A lot of women have an insecurity because of their looks, We at Habbana believe that no one is perfect and everyone is equally beautiful. On this day promise yourself to always feel beautiful and take care of your body. Let this day be your new year resolution day to improve on your looks. Also get rid of all complexes and insecurities regarding your looks.

blog_new-clothes3. Wear New Clothes

On this day compliment your body by wearing new and colourful clothes. Your body deserves the best of clothing and accessories. Make everyone turn around to look at the beautiful you 🙂






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