Habbana wishes all its readers and customers a very happy Roop Chaturdashi. Its the day to celebrate your beauty …. this day just remove some time for pampering your body … hit the spa, parlours and wellness centers. In our previous post we guided you about Roop Chaturdashi celebrations, here we guide you on how to maintain your skin and basic skincare. We at Habbana aim to bring the best of products for your beauty regime … and since we are celebrating the day of beauty we have special sales and offers available for you (check our website homepage to know more)

1. Remedies For Scars And Marks

Often we let go of scars and marks on our face and body. It is often said that the body heals itself, but that is not always the case. Some scars and marks decide to remain forever on your body. These scars could appear due to any illness (for example chicken pox), pimples/acne, a deep cut and an alergy. If a scar does not lighten after 3 days, its time for you to do something of it. Use a scar lightening cream at night before sleeping.

2. Remedies For Tanning

Tanning is something we have little control on. The most that we can do about it is apply a sunscreen. In Mumbai’s climate you cannot run away from the scorching heat and sunglasses and scarfs can do little in protecting you from it. People are often under the impression that tanning is a temporary problem and eventually your skin colour will get back to normal. This is false. Tanning is as stubborn as a childhood beauty spot. If not treated at the start it shall remain forever. Hence whenever you feel you’ve been out in the sun for a long time have a bath with a scrub (also read our article on how to get rid of skin tan).

3. Understanding your skin problems

In a country like India people are too busy to concentrate on their skin. Take out time to understand your skin type – Dry or Oily. Make a few changes in your lifestyle and diet for the betterment of your skin. Consult a dermatologist occasionally just like how you consult a general physician for medical checkups. Even your skin and beauty is equally important.

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