Matte nails are all the rage right now. They look frosted, cute and manicured straight out of a salon! Unfortunately, so far in India we didn’t have any affordable choices for matte nail paints. This meant emptying your pockets at the salon ever so often. While the salon pampering was great, we really craved a great brand with a great matte nail paint. Enter Revlon New Matte Nail Enamels in nine ravishing shades. Super matte, everyday-wear shades and for only Rs 190? That can’t be real! But it is. Why spend on O.P.I and Sally Hansen when you have these fabulous frosted nail paints from Revlon?


Shop the Revlon Matte Nail Paints online exclusively on Get free shipping over Rs 700. Cash on delivery and all major credit and debit cards accepted.

Have a favorite nail paint that you wish was totally matte? Try the Revlon top coat. It will transform your regular glossy nail paint into a completely matte nail paint within seconds! How cool is that?

A total value for money with unique frosted matte shades that are signature Revlon.

Get them online exclusively here.

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