The Indian festive season is filled with colors of excitement, love, faith,worship, décor, gifts and dressing up! Any festivity includes dressing up for the occasion and so does the most family oriented or rather brother-sister relation festival Raksha Bandhan! We all cherish this auspicious and fun-loving festival because it celebrates the most unbreakable relations of all- the brother-sister one.  As dressing up is part of every festival, look your best in the Indian traditional avatar for Raksha Bandhan with our Raksha Bandhan dress-up tips.

1.The Right Outfit For Raksha Bandhan

I know picking the right outfit is a stress! But we are here to help you! Raksha Bandhan is more of a homely festival compared to festivals like Diwali and Navratri which are celebrated at a larger scale and involve visiting and the society. Therefore, you need to pick a light traditional Indian outfit. Our best picked choices would be-

a. A Cape Salwar Kameez

Since the trend is shifting from fully traditional to Indo-Western, this is a perfect outfit! It is not too heavy but at the same time trendy and traditional! Make sure your kurta and churidar leggings are of a nice festive color and the cape plays the role of the dupatta having some embroidery, print, pearl or glitter work on it.


b.Traditional Long Skirt And Blouse

Again an Indo-Western choice and I love how Sonam Kapoor carries this off! A long skirt and a blouse with traditional Indian print of your choice. Such a dressing requires apt accessories of jhumka earrings, kadas and anklets to look your best!


2.Makeup On Fleek For Raksha Bandhan

Since your outfit is an Indo-Western one, make sure your makeup is elegant but at the same time a highlighting one to glamorize your look. Use a BB or CC cream coverage for your face, colored glitters for eye-shadows along with dark black eyeliner and mascara, a blending lipstick shade of glossy finish and a matte nail paint shade that matches your outfit.

3.Hairstyles For Raksha Bandhan

Rather than trying out fancy hairstyles make sure the quality of your hair is impeccable for the day. Whether you straighten it or curl it or just crimp it make sure it is not overdone. Style the bangs of your hair as per your preference but make sure it is more towards the downwards of the hair for a smooth fall finish. Don’t forget to add some smoothness and shine with the Loreal Professional Paris Liss Unlimited Smoothing Cream and pin it from your forehead to make sure your hair looks styled and also makes you comfortable.



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