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When it comes to fashion, India is definitely ahead of the game, and if you want to buy skirts online in India, you are definitely in for quite the treat. First of all, you will find that buying skirts in India is much like buying them anywhere else, but you will need to know the different types if you are to buy effectively. Fortunately, we have checked many sources, such as I Love India and created a list of different skirts available for your wearing pleasure.

Types of Skirts in India

As we said before, the types of skirts that you will find in India are not terribly different from those that you would find in America or anywhere else, and this is typically what you can expect:

  • A-Line: This is the most basic type of skirt, though it features a slight flair, which causes it to take on the appearance of the English letter ‘A’ in its capital form. This skirt fits at the waist and touches the hips and thighs just slightly.
  • Flare: There is very little difference between the A-Line skirt and the flared skirt other than the extra flare at the bottom.
  • Straight: This skirt is true to its name and falls right from the hip. This is a piece of clothing that will suit anyone, however your mileage may vary based upon your body shape.
  • Pencil Skirt: Everyone loves a good pencil skirt. These hug the body and demand a very specific type of stature in order to wear. These skirts will only work on individuals with slim figures, being that they emphasize the hips.
  • Tube Skirt: This is just a longer version of the pencil skirt, and it typically goes below the knee.
  • Miniskirts: Though men may enjoy these more than women, they are still great for showing off the legs. Miniskirts elongate the legs, making them great for shorter women.
  • Pleated: These are most often cut off just above the knees and are reduced.
  • Asymmetric Hem: These skirts come in a variety of different shapes and styles, all of which can fit different shapes. Typically, the hem moves and girls at different levels, sometimes helping to conceal what would otherwise be an obvious flaw on the body while still looking fashionable.

These are the basic types of skirts in India, and as you can see, they are very much like the rest of the world. Keep in mind that most traditional Indian skirts tend to be rich in color while combining several different materials.

Understanding the Different Materials

skirts pencil skirts midi skirts online shopping shop skirts online india maxi skirts tulle skirts buy online sheer Obviously there are many different types of materials to consider when you are shopping for skirts online, and while you might know their names, you may not know the differences. We have compiled a few different types using information from authority websites like Texere Silk. Take a look and see if you can find a material that suits your fancy.

  • Cotton – This is obviously the most common type of skirt material and it is such because it is a purely natural fiber. Because it uses very little synthetics, darker colors will lose their shade after a while, but they do feature natural beauty that is beyond comparison.
  • Silk – You’ve heard a lot about silk, but what are the benefits? First of all, it is a very soft fabric that can be durable as well as versatile. Silk is strong by nature and has many advantages over cotton. First of all, it regulates the body temperature and helps to preserve your body heat when it is cold. Secondly, it is breathable, meaning it will help you to feel cool on the hot days and warm during the night. It naturally repels mould and mildew while being hypoallergenic, meaning anyone can enjoy wearing it. Finally, and what we feel is most important, is that silk can absorb up to a full third of its weight in water before actually feeling wet.
  • Rayon – This is a purely synthetic material from regenerated cellulose fiber. Cellulose is mainly wood pulp converted into a soluble compound. After that, it is dissolved and sent through a spinneret to produce a filament, chemically solidified and giving birth to synthetic fibers. This is often considered a semi-synthetic; some of the most common types of Rayon include viscose, modal and lyocell.

Rayon is often used in the creation of art silk, though it should be noted that art silk is essentially any synthetic fiber that bears strong resemblance to silk. Oftentimes art silk is preferred simply because it costs less to produce.

Buying your skirts online is a great idea and when you do so, you will have access to a far greater line of stock. Opting for trusted retailers like Habbana will allow you to enjoy better variety. Start your search today and see just what we have to offer you.


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