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Jewelry adds personality to your look, whether you’re channeling a vintage, indie aesthetic, or sticking with polished and chic. Either way, your personal style statement can be encompassed in a bauble. Here are a few things to consider as you begin your journey to select the perfect necklace.

1. Starting the Search
Deciding what kind of necklace to wear to convey your own unique style involves many elements, such as material, price, and season. Habbana offers many different styles of neckpieces for women to suit every type of aesthetic. Whether you’re interested in a statement piece to wear in the long-term, or a fun seasonal pop of color, there’s something for everyone. However, jewelry, in particular, is a very personal addition to any person’s wardrobe since the devil is in the details.

2. The Trend Shouldn’t Wear You
As any fashionista knows, being on-trend and being stylish are two different things. They can frequently coexist in perfect harmony, but you need to know how to choose the flavor of the season to suit your own look. Trendy pieces should fit into your preexisting wardrobe, and not the other way around. The basic rule of thumb is you should wear the trend, and the trend shouldn’t wear you. In other words, it’s obvious if you’re wearing a piece solely because it’s in style. Be brave with your choices, and don’t rely on designers to dictate your own preferences. Instincts are what make a look unique and special, rather than reading every fashion magazine that’s ever been published.

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3. Current Versatile Trends
• Turquoise Gems: Vogue India is seeing summer through turquoise-colored glasses, naming the hue as the next big thing for the warmer months. This color can be worn as a playful piece to liven up an outfit for a casual afternoon outing, or as a luxe embellishment to complete an evening ensemble. However you choose to incorporate turquoise into your outfit, you can’t go wrong with this on-trend pop of color. You can shop a turquoise number on Habbana here.
• Running in Circles: If you like circles, you’re in luck. According to Elle India, this simple, classic shape is the look of the moment, with designers all around the world incorporating circular jewelry to accent runway looks If you’re not a fan of bold colors and statement pieces, circular jewelry is a good alternative to remaining on-trend but also classic. Go for a subdued pendant-style necklace with one central focal point in a pretty pale color like pearl or opal for maximum effect. On the other hand, if you’re willing to experiment, you can opt for a chunky, vintage piece with elaborate settings that has presence and makes a statement. Play with different metallic sheens, such as antiqued bronze or a colored metal, to maximize visual impact. You can shop the trend here.
• From Necklace to Headdress: The Times of India names one of the biggest jewelry trends of 2015 as necklaces that can also be worn as a maang tikka, a trend which has shown up frequently amongst Bollywood A-List celebrities and on the runway. To find a necklace that can serve this dual purpose, go for a piece that’s lightweight and delicate. Multipurpose accessories are always a great addition to your wardrobe.

4. The Beauty of Contrast
Style blogger Ruhi Sheikh of Republic of Chic noted that during a haute couture collection collaboration she did, one of her preferred approaches to enhance aesthetic interest was to pair a necklace with edgy, black leather detailing with an on-trend floral pattern. The contrast of these styles pulled the outfit together, since the statement jewelry was able to stand on its own and create a pleasing, unexpected effect.
To try this yourself, pair a necklace in innocent, pretty pastels with a minimalist, structured black outfit. The effect of unexpected combinations draw attention to individual elements of your look, creating points of visual interest, much like artwork. It’s easy for jewelry to get lost in a complicated pattern or take a backseat to your clothes. As an embellishment, however, it should be the opposite: used to dress up the garments you’re wearing. A necklace should be a carefully selected finishing touch to your look, and not an afterthought.

habbana.com habbana jewelry statement neckpieces coin necklace floral crystal necklaces jewelry trends trend report india fashion jewelry republic of chic vogue elle shop baubles blling online india get the look shop the trend

5. Factoring in Price
Every necklace has different qualities that may appeal to you. A good way to establish your price range is to think about how you intend to wear the piece. For example, if you’re going for a necklace that you specifically purchase for your summer wardrobe, making a huge investment may not be the right choice. There are many beautiful, affordable options of necklace styles available, but if you’re going to wear it for a shorter span of time, you should factor it into your jewelry budget. Another thing to consider with a higher price range is whether you’d like to invest in a more expensive piece, or purchase multiple accessories.
Choosing jewelry that’s right for you is essential, since it’s one of the most prominently displayed parts of your ensemble. If you’re not sure what you want even after browsing, though, create a Pinterest board using the social media buttons found throughout the site. Making an inspiration board to compare and contrast necklaces that catch your eye is a surefire way to ensure you make a purchase that you’ll truly enjoy wearing.

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