Whenever I hear the word ‘organic’ in any beauty or body care brand it just grabs my attention and drives me into knowing it better. Use of organic or exotic ingredients are like a bonus point when it comes to body care products. ‘Organix’ was one of such a brand that grabbed my attention and could be one of your favorites too. The brand describes itself as ‘ beauty, pure and simple’ offering a wide variety of body care products that do justice to these three adjectives. Hence, in this article we throw light on Organix and its iconic products.

1. Flavors And Scents

The most exciting part and one of the most common quality that women look out in body care products is flavors and scents. Organix definitely won’t put you down when it comes to this quality as the products of the brand are infused with nature based organic flavors, the most common being coconut. Have a look at all of their flavored products here

2. Organix Hair Products

As I’ve always mentioned that the most basic and essential hair care is shampoo. Hence, choose the best of shampoo for your hair type with organix being one of your options. I recently tried out the Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo and it left my hair with a delicate fragrance and softness as I faced dry hair problems. The brand has a wide variety of shampoos with different flavors, scents and types and let me tell you the best part about the Organix shampoo is it’s bottle size and quantity at a very affordable cost. Hence their shampoos are exciting, effective and pocket friendly.

3. Organix  Body Products

The Orangix body products are again as useful as the hair products. Although, they have a very limited variety to choose from. People, usually enjoy using the Sea Mineral Body Wash as it leaves the skin with a refreshing sensation, but I would any day prefer the Eucalyptus Mint Body Wash as I feel nothing is more refreshing than a mint touch. What would your choice be?


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