Office is a crucial part of every working professional. Be it a job or a business the traditional office environment remains the same. Dressing up especially office makeup wear has always been a tough choice. Two factors need to be balanced- looking sophisticated and well-dressed as well as feeling comfy. Too casually dressed or too heavily dressed wouldn’t be a good option. With the growing acceptance and love for fashion a lot of people like changing their office look everyday (at least in terms of makeup) where as the others just like to keep it the same. In this article we throw light upon facts you need to remember for office makeup.

1. Simple Office Makeup

The first and most important thing is to keep your makeup simple and not loud. Remember you are going to an office and not a disco, hence, avoid applying loud makeup. Makeup that is soothing to the eyes and suits a day makeup category is the best. If you plan to wear vibrant colours like purple and orange makeup shades, make sure they are a light version of it and blend well with your skin.

2. Happy Colours

People generally consider colours like brown or beige as typical office makeup shades. We believe that these shades are too dull for office. Most people consider office as a boring routine place, hence opt out for wearing vibrant makeup colours like red, pink, orange, purple to the office. But as suggested before make sure your makeup is not too loud to make you feel out of place, blend it well with your skin.

3. Don’t Dress According To Your Job

Most people are hesitant to experiment with makeup keeping in mind the boundaries of their job. Many workplaces might have a certain dress code but most of them do not restrict your choice of makeup. Be bold enough to carry out your makeup choice. Whether you are working in something fashion friendly like the Vogue magazine or working in a finance or engineering firm experiment with makeup because it’s like a gift for all women. Read our article on- Makeup Myths Busted- Guide To The Beginners.

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