We at Habbana believe that all festivities are full of excitement and colors. Since Indian festivals are full of happy colors we bring together colors for each day of Navratri along with makeup products that would enhance those colors.

1.Day 1: Yellow, The Color Of Hope

Yellow is the color of sunshine. With the start of every festival comes a new sunshine of hope. Festivals keep us more connected and bonded to God and between of all the hustle and bustle of the festivities we can feel the almighty’s presence. So, begin the festival with the most hopeful Indian color of turmeric- yellow! Usually yellow is a very light color for the wheatish Indian complexion hence make sure you pick out a dark yellow. Try out the Faces Ultimate Pro Eyeshadow Crayon (Night Fever shade) which is a yellowish glitter eye-shadow crayon.

2.Day 2: Green, The Color Of Harmony

Green is the color of growth and harmony. Festivities are all about togetherness and loving families & friends. It is vibrant and at the same time blending.  Green shades are usually very dark. Therefore, pick out a subtle green shade. Try out the Revlon Photoready Eye Art Lid + Line + Lash (green glimmer shade) for a pretty as peacock color.

3.Day 3: Grey, The Balanced Color

This might not be one of those happy colors but it’s definitely the color of elegance. In midst of wearing vibrant colors for your Garba nights, go subtle with grey. Try out the Miss Claire Diamond Shine Powder (Silver) for a smokey grayish shiny eye-shadow outline.

4.Day 4: Orange, Color Of Joy

One of the top happy colors are here on Day 4. Orange is a blend of the energizing red and the yellow happiness bringing together the most joyous enthusiasm. This marks a festival’s energy and excitement. Try out the Miss Claire Chubby Sticks (65 number shade) for bright orange lips.

5.Day 5: White, Color Of Light

White signifies light and festivals are all about lightening one’s life. It might not be vibrant but it’s definitely a happy color. Since white is dull in terms of a makeup shade make sure you choose a dark white matte or dark white glitters. Try out the Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil (604- milk shade) for lightening dark white eyes.

6.Day 6: Red, Color Of Energy

Red is the most emotionally intense color, it is considered one of the happiest colors. Therefore, no one can miss out on red for festivities. Red is also the perfect makeup shade but make sure not to overdo it. Pick out your choice of red lipstick from the Nyx Simply Red Lip Crème.

7.Day 7: Royal Blue, Color Of Confidence

Royal blue is one of the darkest balanced form of a blue shade. It signifies confidence and trust in oneself and God. Hence, brush away all the negativity and wear confidence. Try out the Miss Claire Artist Pen Eyeliner (Indigo Blue Shade) for royal blue eyes.

8.Day 8: Pink, Playful Pink

The color of our childhood- cotton candies, bubblegum, blushed cheeks. Wear the pink playfulness for a fulfilling Garba night. Try out the Makeup Revolution Triple Baked Blusher (Blushing Heart Blusher Shade) for pink blush cheeks.

9.Day 9: Purple, Ambitious Purple Significance

Purple is the perfect combo confident blue and energizing red bringing about strong ambitions and power. Yes! You’ve gained powers on the last day of the festival! Wear your ambitious purple to enjoy this power. Try out L.A Colors Pout LipGloss Matte (Plump shade) for shiny purple lips.


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