Maybelline has successfully positioned itself as one of the top cosmetic brands which the young generation cannot do without. This New York based brand was founded in 1915 and has been ruling the makeup industry from the very start. So what is it that brought Maybelline India to the top? It’s exclusive products or it’s glamorous marketing? We throw light upon facts about Maybelline.

1. Maybelline History

History is the root of any brand and is responsible to give the main essence to the brand. Unlike other cosmetic brands, Maybelline has a very interesting story to it. Thomas Lyle Williams was just 19 when he started the brand. It is often believed that at the ripe age of 19 one comes up with the most creative and functional ideas. Well, this cheap football jerseys fact is very well proven through William’s story. Young William noticed his sister, Mabel, applying a blend of Vaseline and coal dust to her eyelashes to make them look darker and sharper. Taking inspiration from this day to day activity of his sister, he used his chemistry wit in producing a product which was sold as ‘ lash-in-brow-line’. Inventions led to inventions and he finally started his company ‘ Maybelline’ named after his sister.


2. Iconic Product

The brand has come up with some path breaking products, but the best sellers still remain the most trending ‘baby lips’ and the ‘colossal kajal’. The specialty of these products are their good quality and utility at very affordable prices. They have become a permanent part of the makeup kit for most women.

3) Alia Bhatt Creating A Young And Trendy Vibe

Alia Bhatt as the face of Maybelline India is a perfect fit. Her presence to the brand has been the biggest highlight and attracted a bunch of Indian audience. The ads and poster create a very ‘young and trendy’ as well as colorful vibe making it the brand for the young generation especially college going girls.

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