The most auspicious festival for Muslims- Eid is here. Worship, faith, tasty food, happiness, decorations and not to forget dressing up and looking the best are the highlights of the festival. Every year selecting the perfect outfit for Eid is a hassle and even tougher is the right shades and blends of makeup choice. We try to make your job easy by giving you some makeup tips for your makeup for Eid to look your best at Eid.

1. Mascara For The Perfect Eye Makeup For Eid

Your eyes define your face. As they often say, your eyes speak for yourself. Hence, this Eid let your eyes be as happy as you are… so no dull eyes! Awaken your eyes with some mascara. Whatever eye makeup you plan to apply, a black color mascara would definitely go along with it. Make sure you apply the mascara from downwards of your eye lashes to its tip without allowing it smudge. For this use a smudge free and waterproof mascara. We suggest the Maybelline Colossal Mascara Washable for sensitive eyes.

2. Glitter

As I’ve always suggested for festivities and happy occasions shine bright. Hence, add some glitter! However, make sure the glitter isn’t too cakey or overdone. The best portion to apply glitter is on the eyelids along with some eye shadow. After applying an eyeshadow color that matches your outfit dab some glitter of a blending color tone for a perfect finish. You can also apply glitter on your cheeks if not eyes. However, make sure the glitter is applied towards the side locks of the cheeks and not on the cheek bones for an elegant look.

3.Glossy Lipstick As Makeup For Eid

The trend is inclined towards matte lipsticks and our glossy and shiny shades have been forgotten or considered too overdone. But it’s a festival to dress up and shine bright. Hence, keep aside your matte shades and apply a glossy lipstick which would shine even during late evenings. We suggest the Chambor Glitzy Gloss Intense Lip Gloss to look your best at Eid.

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