Kareena Kapoor Khan is the most gorgeous actress Bollywood has ever had. Her beauty is impeccable and we love the way she highlights her beauty with accurate make-up. Here we list down a few make-up tips that we’ve picked up from her.

1. Red lipstick

There is no one who can carry off red lipstick better than Kareena. We believe that the trend of wearing bright red lipstick was inspired by her in India and has now become a neverdying trend. She has experimented with all red lipstick shades from bright red to maroon red and carries it off really well. Although,most of the time we’ve seen her wearing a glossy bright red shade. To get her look, We suggest the Chambor Glitzy Gloss Crystal (803 crystal shade) available on our website.

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2. Different eye-make up styles

We’ve often noticed that Kareena Kapoor Khan has come up with the most avant-garde eye make-up styles especially in her Lakme ad commercials. She has inspired a huge audience to break through the traditional black kajal style by experimenting with a totally contrast colour like a white kajal. Hence, we could say that Kareena’s eye make-up style is experimental. Shop for Lakme eye make-up products online at Habbana.

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3. Perfection and Confidence

One more thing that we’ve noticed is that Kareena always has her make-up perfect. Never messed up. Each and every stroke of her eye make-up is to the point. For example even when she is wearing the smokey eye it’s astonishing to see how her black eye shadow would be layed accurately on her upper eye lid. Confidence is yet another thing we get to learn from her. Never does she look nervous when she is wearing an unusual make-up style which makes it look gorgeous. This isn’t really a make-up tip but it is a lesson on how to carry off your make-up Perfection and Confidence is the key.


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