A lot of people are generally of the opinion that women who wear make-up are fake , made up or not pretty. But this is actually false. Make up is a magical gift for all women to enhance and highlight their beauty. It gives all you women an opportunity and challenge to portray yourself using your own artistic skills with your face being the canvas ,make-up being the tool and you yourself being the artist. So you must do the best you can 😀

Here are our three steps for someone beginning with the art of makeup

Polish your face

It’s important to moisturise and give your face a shine . Begin by using a BB or CC cream which would work as a good tool to make you stand out from your general dull look.We suggest the Lakme Complexion Care cream which is suitable for all skin types and available at a discounted rate of Rs220 at our website.

Define your eyes

We believe that eyes are the most beautiful feature of a woman and the basic use of a black eye liner suits any eye type regardless of eye shape and colour. We have also noticed that the darker the shade of black the sharper the outlook.Although you need to be meticulous while applying it and practise will make you perfect at it. Start with an eyeliner pencil as that would dry up immediately unlike the liquid liner which takes a few minutes to dry up. We suggest the Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Pencil Black at a discounted rate of Rs506 at our website.

Touch up for your lips

For the start u need to moisturise and add a bit of colour to your lips. Always use a lip balm with a SPF of atleast 20 keeping in mind the moderately hot and humid climate in Mumbai. We suggest the Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturising Lip Balm( Berry Crush shade) .

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