Nails have become a crucial part of our beauty. With the introduction of beautifying nails through nail paint and various nail arts maintaining long nails has become a must for all women. But maintaining long nails isn’t an easy task-most women face cracking of nails and yellowing of nails. If you face similar problems follow our guide on how to maintain long nails.

blog_nremoveStep 1: Guide To Maintain Long Nails – Give Your Nails Space To Breath

We know u love painting your nails, but suffocating your nails with polish is the main reason for yellowing nails. Get the polish off for at least three days in two weeks to prevent yellowing nails.



2. Step 2: Guide To Maintain Long Nails – Keratin Rich Food

Keratin is the protein in the body that suffices for nails hair and outer skin. Hence include biotin-rich vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, kale, asparagus; foods with Vitamin A like pumpkin, sweet potatoes, spinach; sulfurous food like meat, beans and egg; and protein rich food like chicken and milk to improve the keratin level in your body.

blog_shapingStep 3: Guide To Maintain Long Nails – Shape Your Nails

When your nails have grown too long, they might crack. Hence, it is important to keep shaping your nails with a nail cutter and nail filer. This should be done at least once in three weeks, but everyone’s nail growth differs – so you should do it whenever you feel your nails have grown out of shape.


blog_ncreamStep 4: Guide To Maintain Long Nails – Apply A Nail Cream Before Sleeping

It is really healthy to apply lemon on the cuticles and corners of your nails. Lemon nourishes and helps in nail growth. But it is often sticky and difficult to wash off. Hence use a nail cream which comprises of lemon, this would also help in moisturizing your fingers. We suggest the Grace Cole Boutique Softening Hand & Nail Cream Grapefruit, Lime & Mint available at a discounted rate of Rs 487 on our website.


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