Sometimes, shopping is all about the hunt: about finding the perfect accessory—the perfect bag—to take your look and vibe to an entirely new level of fun, sophistication and impact. For instance, red adds fierceness while orange says playful. That’s why it’s important to find a bag, tote or clutch that fits in, not just with the rest of your wardrobe, but with your personality as well.

Sweat the Small Stuff

Everything we do is reflective of who we are: our vision, our goals, of what makes us happy, what we think is adorable, what we love about life. That extends to everything we wear, including our bags. From its color and texture to the material, type and length, a bag is like a trusty sidekick—it’s an extension of who we are. So why not choose a bag that captures you—your style, your personality, your nostalgia for soft colors? Think of your bags as a fashion statement. That every time you wear one, you’re saying something to the world about your idea of fashion and beauty. And in a world that often prizes mass production, unoriginality and duplicate designs, and you’ll realize that kind of sensibility matters. Personal style matters.

Complete Your Style

At, we offer online shopping for handbags to match all types. Go gaga over that Peach time handbag or go casual with that cute oversized denim bag that’s sure to join your list of everyday-wear staples. From totes to satchels, slings to envelopes, clutches and duffel bags and every bit of gorgeousness in between, our bags are available in all shapes, sizes and color. You can also browse through our product pages for different materials, textures and lengths to help you find exactly what you need. Perhaps something that matches just the right shade of your shoes? Or maybe the perfect accent to make the color in your dress pop? Or what about a lovely and classy clutch you can take anywhere, from formal meetings to everyday lunches with your friends at the office? You could also have fun by mixing styles and fashion pieces. Use that bold red bag with a demure suit or pick a classic white piece to go with the offbeat hair. The contrast, if done right, will be amazing.

Delivery Essentials

While we send out the packages within 2-3 business days from our very own warehouse, we work with a lot of logistic teams. That’s why our standard delivery times run from 7 to 14 days.

If your orders are beyond INR 700, we’ll send your items over, free of any delivery costs. That’s a freebie service we’d really want all our customers to take advantage of. Shop for your friends, family or special loved ones. That way, the money you could spend the money on gifts instead of on the delivery costs. However, if you’re happy with your orders below INR 700, no worries. Expect the standard delivery rates for Mumbai, along with the rest of India, to apply to your order.

Excited about your package? You can track your orders from our site. Check out the accounts section for more details.


While we take the utmost care with your items, things can happen beyond our control. So if you open your box and find—instead of the item you’ve been looking forward to—a defective one instead, let us know right away. Within the first 48 hours after you’ve received it. Would you like a refund or a replacement for that? Go with either one and we’ll make that happen. We also have a 14 day return policy that applies to certain items. So if you open the box, look inside and feel like that bag isn’t something you’d want to own, let us know. So long as you get it back to us in mint condition, with all the packaging intact, we’ll refund or replace it.

Just make sure to check our returns policy for the list of items that aren’t eligible for returns. We do accept returns for: clothing, bags, jewelery, belts, phone covers and head bands. So if you’ve ordered your bag along with any of those items, then you get 2 weeks to decide if you want to keep them or not.

For more on our returns policy, click here:

FAQs Page

Have any other question you want to ask us? Check out our FAQ page. From instructions on how to track your orders, to packaging and shipping concerns and available payment systems, we’ve put everything you need in one place. It’s convenient and handy. And please, let us know if we missed anything. We’d gladly add up any inquiries or discussions that might prove relevant to other customers as well.

Also, if you love reward points, allows you to earn cash-back from any of the items you buy onsite. For more on that, go to our FAQ page here and proceed to the section on Rewards Points.




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