The biggest fashion event of India, Lakme Fashion Week is still a buzz around the city! The event for the fashionista lovers took place between 16th to 20th August at St.Regis, Mumbai and marked various clothing and makeup trends! We, at Habbana identify these makeup trends and list down all that you need to know about trending makeup

1. Lakme Fashion Week Argan Oil Collection

Almost all of the makeup used at the fashion week was from the new ‘Lakme Absolute Argan Oil’ collection. This season’s makeup gave a direct indication of skin care with makeup. It was observed that a chemical makeup product just helps beautifying your appearance temporarily, causing long term harm to the skin. Therefore, its essential for a makeup product to have skin nourishing ingredients. The Argan Oil collection comprises of the best of makeup shades with a high content of argan oil. Argan Oil is a natural skin moisturizer with high levels of Vitamin C. This makes the Argan Oil makeup collection an ideal choice for your makeup products. Grab them now!

2. Candy Colors at Lakme Fashion Week

Lakme’s recent launch of ‘Masaba lips’ was seen as a common trend at the fashion week. The two makeup techniques ‘Hologram’ and ‘Fire N Ice’ were inspired from the candy collection. ‘Masaba Lips’ a collaboration with Masaba Gupta is a range of lip shades designed by Masaba herself and rotating around the theme of ‘candy’. It reflects back to those childhood days where ‘candy’ was our favorite. Candies were available in various happy colors and so is the ‘candy lipsticks’. We’ve observed that dark candy colors like the ‘Hot Chocolate’ and ‘Caramel Toffee’ are the perfect shade for your night look. ‘Orange Candy’ and ‘Sugar n Spice’ are apt for a sunny day look.

3. The never dying metallic makeup at Lakme Fashion Week

Metallic colors have been the trend since 2015. The art of metallic makeup is very fine and difficult. However, at the Lakme Fashion Week we always see it at its best! Thanks to Lakme makeup expert Donald Simrock, the two metallic makeup techniques ‘Hologram’ and ‘Galaxy Grunge’ were totally on fleek. Two key lessons we get to learn is that-

a.Focus on a particular feature

For example eyes to highlight them through metallic colors. Too much of metallic colors on more than one feature will make it look messy.

b. Shading technique

If you don’t want to highlight just one particular feature use a shading technique with little metallic color. Make sure the metallic color is very minimal compared to the outline color.

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