Nothing can be worse than Mumbai’s October heat. Everyone is still on the go facing the scorching heat even if it damages your skin (and trust us global warming has made it worse).Hence we decided to bring to your attention a few ways on how to get rid of your skin tan.

Scrub your body

During summer and hot days use a body scrub instead of a body wash or soap for your daily bath. This is because during hot days your skin gets oily and also scrubbing would make your skin tan lighter. Use a scrub that contains lime or orange as these two ingredients work as tan removers. We suggest the Grace Cole Boutique Radiance Body Scrub Grapefruit, Lime and Mint available at a discounted rate of Rs577.This is an amazing combination of three good ingredients as the mint would act as a cooling agent and grapefruit as a fragrance one.


Massage the tanned area before sleeping

Use a fairness cream or tan removing cream to massage your tanned area using a circular massage motion. This would work as a medicine to the wound but it is a slow process so you need to be patient. We suggest the Organic Harvest Skine Lightning Massage Cream available at a discounted rate of Rs405 on our website.


Use a sunscreen before getting out in the sun

Sunscreen is a ‘have to’ during hot days. Apply a sunscreen even on the tanned area to prevent it from getting worse. Keeping in mind Mumbai’s heat you should use a sunscreen of SPF50 ,a sunscreen with a lesser SPF wouldn’t help. We suggest The L’Oreal Paris UV Perfect Transparent SPF50 available on our website. You also need to keep applying the sunscreen after every 4 hours as the sunscreen dries up and is sometimes also washed away with sweat.



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