When you want your hair to just look naturally smooth and straight without much professionalism, a blow dry is the perfect option. It is easy to do and can be done on a daily basis. Follow these steps to get perfectly blow dry hair.

Shampoo without conditioning

Blow dry works best on wet shampooed hair. Do not use a conditioner as it will make the hair too soft, hence styling using a blow dry would get difficult. Use a shampoo that would help in giving your hair volume. We suggest the TIGI S Factor Stunning Volume Shampoo available at discounted rate of Rs 892 on our website.

The technique to blow dry

Begin by blow-drying your wet hair to dry it up. Use a high power warm air blow dryer. Once your hair has dried up with the help of a blow-dryer brush and the blow-dryer style your hair straight, wavy or delicate curls. You need to hold a bunch of hair either straight or curled up in the brush and then, simultaneously, run the blow-dryer over that portion for at-least a minute.

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Use a serum

After you are done with styling your hair apply a serum to give your hair a shine and some smoothness .Make sure you apply just a few drops (one-two) for each bunch of hair as too much serum would make your hair look oily. We suggest the Toni & Guy Glamour Serum High Shine & Polish available at a discounted rate of Rs 455 on our website.

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